Monday, August 6, 2007

Chomp, Hashes, and Regexes

I am still working through my perl book. I was having trouble working through the exercises and I thought it was because I didn't understand how hashes work. However it was actually because I forgot to use chomp when saving standard input to a variable. I am embarassed to say that it set me back a few hours but I won't forget to check if I used chomp any time soon.

I am working through the subroutine chapter. Perl subroutines are pretty much just like VB subroutines as far as I remember. I am excited because the next chapter is regex. regex is why I chose to learn perl. I read somewhere that perl came from sed. My first chance to use regex was when the dev team needed a wildcard email address scheme. While I didn't create the alias file to translate the dummy email address. I implimented it. It isn't as hard as it looks. When you get past the escape character (\) regular expressions stop looking cryptic.

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