Monday, November 3, 2008

Why I don't switch to Ubuntu

I was about to switch to Ubuntu from Fedora. I really was on my wife's machine I remembered one of the reasons that I stopped liking Ubuntu. Fedora has chkconfig. I can and have installed init scripts on Ubuntu before and it just isn't intuitive. With chkconfig I can turn services on and off.

Ubuntu is great for when you want to use the GUI for everything. In my experience, problems crop up when I start trying to tweak things. For example, if I want to install MySQL with Ubuntu's package manager, it also installs a mysql user that the operating system uses to make sure the database is up and running. I didn't know this until after I had removed the user from a test server at my work and we started getting a cryptic message in the log. I couldn't turn them off I had to remove the script entirely.

I didn't ask for the OS to monitor my databases. The scripts were just there and there was no easily available documentation telling me how to use these monitoring scripts. I understand that Ubuntu is trying to provide a better desktop experience for linux users that don't necessarily want to use the command line. However, as far as I am concerned, If my computer is doing something I didn't ask it to, then it is doing too much.