Tuesday, November 25, 2008

New Job, New House.

I have changed jobs, and moved to a new apartment since my last post. The new apartment is great. It doesn't get too cold at night and it's nice and quiet. The job is nice too. I am a Software Engineer at Cheetahmail.

I was a Sys Admin before at another company. It was a startup, which had its benefits, however there were significant drawbacks. Let's just keep the negative to a minimum by just saying that they ended up wasting a significant amount of my time by misrepresenting the position.

On the other hand, Cheetahmail is quite a different story. It is a pretty mature company. There is a very specific job description. The goals of my employer are in line with my own. My team is very supportive and friendly. The business people that I work with are approachable and friendly. The office atmosphere is jovial at times but things are always serious when the job needs to get done.

This is a great step for me. I have programmed at work before but now I am getting paid to program.

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