Wednesday, July 4, 2007

List of upcoming projects

These are the projects over the next few weeks:

I am going to go over snort in extreme detail. While installing I found that there are several modules that may or may not be useful to me. I will go over these one at a time.

I bought two television cards and stuck them in one of my boxes and unfortunately I found out that they are incompatible with my Digital Cable. I will start from scratch with a new operating system and then I will find workarounds (I will have to use my current cable set top box and I will have to find another one.)

Log Navigating Script: I will write a log navigator that will list all errors with the number of times they have occurred. I will also include the ability to list all individual errors with all error output. This should give errors the visibility they need. Currently I have found that log data for the application servers at work is too immense and grepping log files doesn't provide me with the perspective I need to decide what errors are interesting enough to show the developers.

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