Friday, August 3, 2007

RHCE, Perl and stuff

Lately I have been focusing on the Red Hat exam. I am currently setting up a network install at home. However, I am working through an older book. I'm not sure how big the difference is between Red Hat Enterprise Linux 3 and 4 (The book is on 3). I am pretty sure the basic tools are the same. Perhaps I can convince my bosses to pay for my training.
Today I found the search and replace string for vi. %s/stringtofind/replacementstring/g. I googled it. That and its variations should help me when it am working through config files in the future.
While I had been scripting in bash, I picked up an online class that fell through the cracks before. I finished the class, but it didn't exactly give me the interactive exposure to the language that I need to learn it. Anyway, I picked up a book called “Beginning Perl” by James Lee. I would have chosen the O'reilly book but “Beginning Perl” seemed to be more hands on.
It includes chapters on both working with files and data, and working with the operating system. I feel like I will learn more with this this way. I just finished the section on arrays and am moving into hashes and regular expressions. Because my plate is full. I will probably spend less time on MythTV but I will be working on scripts more as there are plenty of things that need to be automated at the office.

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